Get to know me better: Who is behind the camera

My friends all agree: I am the one with the big heart.
“Lots of openness, a huge heart, passion for photography and a thirst for adventure” – when people ask about me, that’s how others describe me.

I live life with open eyes and an open heart. I always recognize first the good in people. Maybe that’s why I am such a good photographer: I always see the beautiful, exciting and special characteristics which I then bring to light.
My customers also find that I am very nice. Relaxed, spontaneous and “somehow totally trusted” – with me, everyone feels comfortable.

I don’t hide myself behind my camera, but I do feel happy and content.

Photography makes me happy. Everyone can sense this.
I am excited about every personal life story and I become infected with enthusiasm. A beautiful motif allows my heart to beat at a higher rate and photography makes me breathless due to happiness. I mean this literally: I am often so deep and in love with my work that I sometimes forget to grab some air and breathe.
I can work throughout the night editing my pictures as if I were in a trance. I put everything down for photography; for you and your photos I make everything possible and I am always there with my whole heart.

I am talkative in the right moment to break the ice and take away any shyness. I am however then again a quiet, unnoticed observer.
I latch onto your hearts and make it very easy for you to open up. In no time it will feel as if an old friend is with you instead of an unfamiliar photographer.

The eye for the magical in small things and the love for detail never end with me: my own camera strap was made with love by hand.
“Love” is hence the word which best describes me and my work. I love photography, life and people. This not only makes me happy, but also everyone who engages with me as a photographer.